What others say about QuickMats4

“John Hartman’s products, like his photography, are with created with quality and excellence. Within a half hour of opening the package I was creating very cool mats for my images. After watching the easy-to-follow-and-understand videos I was creating and customizing new mats using the built-in tools and QuickMats4 custom actions. John’s instructions got me up and running right away.”
Wayne Wallace, Las Vegas, NV
“The flexibility you have with QuickMats4 to add any image overlay and texture takes your creativity to a whole new level. You can have an infinite set of unique mats at your fingertips without having to spend money keeping them in stock. I can see where this is going to be a money making machine for us. The bonus incentives are great. For the price of a machine print you can have a unique custom product that will add dollars to your profit without affecting your sale.”
Craig Davis, Louisville, KY
“Let me compliment you on putting together the MOST COMPLETE set of instructions I’ve ever seen! This system is foolproof!!”
David M. Humphrey, Masters Photography, Flint, MI
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My Image
“Very user-friendly...samples are beautiful! The tutorials explained everything very thoroughly, and made me feel very comfortable worth the program. Being a beginner in this program I feel I have entered a vast world of new potential for my images.”
Stacy Cassell, Danville, PA
“YOU ROCK! The new version of QuickMats4 is a huge improvement. The past versions worked well also but the new version is great and so easy to learn. The training videos are really a big plus. They show you exactly, set-by-step how to proceed through each project. Now I don’t have to show my staff how to do it, the training videos take care of that for me. This is such a huge time saver. The other big time saver is all the pre-built mats. Granted it doesn't take that long to build your own but with the huge library of readymades there will be rare occasion that I will need to build my own. All in all, I just wanted to say thank you for such a useful and creative product. I know my clients love my QuickMats products and now it’s even easier to make them.”
Jonathan Billing, Moscow, ID
“You are very good at giving instructions, and designing a ‘goof-proof’ product for those willing to listen to the instructional videos.”
Gordon Geraci, Cincinnati, OH
“Extremely easy for the first-time user. The documentation is easy to understand even for those with little Photoshop experience—very informative, covered in great detail. Jim Schoonover, Carroll Studios, Milwaukee, WI
“QuickMats4 has been set up to help the artist dream in any direction and then make it happen very easily. The new user won't have to spend much time getting started.” Clark Marten, Clark Marten Photography, Billings, MT
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“So easy a fifth grader could do it so I had no problem ;-) The new tutorials and massive new library of prebuilt mats make upgrading to QuickMats4 a no-brainer.”
Mark Allan, Walcott, CT
“Installation and setup was a dream. Drag and drop easy and then a few minutes to teach Photoshop the ropes. Video tutorials were just like watching over John's shoulders to see how to get it right immediately. With all the new prebuilt mats you can try dozens of combinations and ideas in just minutes. It is drag and drop stupid easy if you want..or you can get under the hood to make artistic changes any frame shop would be jealous of. Any minimum wage employee can be turned into a production machine! Just what you have included on the videos I learned a bunch of things about Photoshop that will be helpful in my everyday work.”
Tom Schmidt, T.A. Schmidt Photography, Redding, CA
“Hartman does it again in a bigger and better way than before! I've been a fan of QuickMats since they originally started as part of the House Portraits product. John has made it really easy by pre-building a big pile of QuickMats ready for use and with John's new QuickTime video documentation it's easier than ever to learn how to use this powerful tool for generating additional sales in your studio. No more reading a manual. Just play the movie, watch and learn. The great part is you can pause the movies and work the projects at your own pace. This is the way all software documentation should be done! Watching and implementing the ‘Bonus Incentive Mats’ movie alone will pay for QuickMats 4 in short order!!” Bob Coates, Bob Coates Photography, Sedona, AZ