What’s in the QuickMats Bonus Disk?

1. Bonus Incentive Mats

The QuickMats4 Bonus Disk contains an additional 334 prebuilt mats that can be used for any image, but will most likely be especially useful to the portrait/wedding and fine art photographer. The Bonus Mats Disk is divided into four different segments:

These are a few of the nine mat templates John designed from QuickMats and uses on a daily basis to raise his sales (to see how he does this, click here). These mats add tens of thousands of additional sales dollars with almost no effort. The fine artist will find these mats perfect for groupings and collections of themed work. If you have portrait or wedding clients, the Bonus Incentive Mats could most likely pay for QuickMats in your first few sales—then it will continue to pay you for as long as you offer them. John has spent years developing and testing these mat products with his own client base. He's done all the work, so you don’t have to!

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You get the actual files John has developed for use in his own studio.

2. Build Your Own Mats—Letters and Numbers

Who says mats have to be rectangles and ovals? These mat openings contain the entire alpha-numberical character set in four different sizes that allow you to create words such as a senior's name and class year, or the bride and groom's names. For the client who wants something a little different, there is a set of mats in different shapes such as arches, arrows, clouds, hearts, hexagons, rounded corner rectangles, starbursts and triangles.

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Give your images a unique look with these non-traditional mats

3. Folio Inserts

For the portrait or wedding photographer who sells folios such as those shown here, QuickMats contains a set of 25 different mat insert templates in a variety of configurations that print to 10x10 and slide directly into the folio case. This makes assembly much easier than using the expensive folio inserts that you have to inventory and then add photos to. These folio insert mats are black and come with your choice of a gold or silver inside mat. Of course, like any other QuickMat you have the complete flexibility to change the mat colors, as well.

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Choose from 25 different and customizable mat insert files

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Your mat pages insert into 10x10 album cases, such as those available from Capri Albums

4. QuickMats Album

Previously sold as a $70 standalone add-on to QuickMats, the Album module contains 129 single- and multiple-opening prebuilt templates in three sizes: 5x5, 10x10 and 11x14, designed specifically for use in wedding or portrait albums. Whether your book pages are the traditional insert style, or use peel-and-stick pages, or are digitally produced, QuickMats Album can be used to enhance just a few images or your entire album. Even though the Bonus Disk Mats were developed primarily for the portrait and wedding markets, they can easily be used to enhance any digital image.

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Design creative images for your albums and press-printed books