QuickMats Features

• 465 prebuilt mat templates in single and multiple-opening configurations

• Prebuilt mat sizes range from 4x5 to 30x40 and larger

• Eleven different mat aspect ratio openings (length x width), ranging from 1:1 square to 4:1 super-panorama

• Nearly 100 different multiple opening mats that John has designed for his studio and has sold to his clients

• Mat openings come in rectangle, oval, square, circle and other interesting shapes

• Over 100 custom textures add interest to your mats with a single mouse click

• Over 100 image and pattern overlays add extra depth and dimension that just isn’t available in traditional mat products

• Crop tool to help you quickly determine the best aspect ratio opening to crop your image

• Completely compatible with any version of Photoshop or Elements, Mac or PC

• 52 professionally recorded and edited video tutorials get you up and running quickly

My Image

You can build QuickMats with the actual image as part of the mats, as shown here.